@homesteaderscoop Discord meetup.

homesteading with chickens

@homesteaderscoop held what I believe was their first Discord meeting last night. The goal of the meetup was mostly marketing.

My kids are playing noisily and I didn’t know this Discord meeting was coming up so quickly. We were discussing marketing ideas on the Discord channel, so I am just listening in to all the good ideas instead of participating in the conversation. That’s probably a good place for me to be anyway, lol.

  • @pennsif discussed making lists and re-engaging old accounts that have left Steem
  • @nateonsteemit discovered there are a lot of Steemian homesteaders in Texas.
  • Someone came up with the idea of outreaching to local fairgrounds and other events that might be of interest to homesteaders.

Can anyone join?

A commitment to Steem and general sustainable homesteading is the basic requirement. You can check out the website at homesteaderscoop.com to find out more.


I am going to try to round up some video from @papa-pepper to use to get some promotional material going. Someone asked about producing a marketing guide for the vendors in the marketplace, so I will work on that as well.

The larger goal is to get out and meet some of the members and show off what these people are doing to create a more sustainable and better market.

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