Project Update: Homesteaders Co-op.

homesteaders coop on steem

March 2, 2019

Homesteaders Co-op is a marketplace for homesteaders based on the Steem blockchain platform. For more information about the Co-op, check out their about page or their Steem page, @homesteaderscoop. This is a brand new project, but growing fast already.

This is a project DiggnDeeper can proudly get behind and support. I hope this project takes off. This is the kind of thing the Steem platform can really benefit.

It can be a difficult and critically important task for Homesteaders to be able to participate in a marketplace that caters to their special strengths and weaknesses.

It is critical because without a market, these people have no one to sell their unique wares to. They are alone in their efforts and don’t have a profit incentive. While its true that many Homesteaders do their craft out of love of the earth and their craft, that doesn’t provide the support of a marketplace where they can trade.

The weakness, I think is the reality of markets usually being poor in features, lackluster and generally outdated. Then, like many projects, the developer gets weary and drops off. I’ve seen a few attempts driven by a small team, but as is often the case, the members of that small team moves on for various reasons and new members never seem to show up and fill the spots.

It’s a common cycle for many projects, not specific to Homesteaders, but from what I have seen, its particularly troublesome, historically.


The Steem platform is a special one that has an ever increasing tool set for finding and promoting high quality content. It is also provides a great way for people to volunteer their skills at no direct expense. The game theory behind the code in the Steem blockchain is unique and complex, but the short of it is that it provides a way for people to get paid to make and do good things for other people. Those other people can reward the creators through votes at no expense to them.

That is greatly oversimplified explanation, but I think it works.

What I have to do with it.

Because of what I said above, I feel comfortable in offering a good deal of time and effort to help this good cause with no financial obligation because one way or another, I feel the good deeds and efforts will be rewarded by the people of the Steem platform.

There is just so much opportunity for good deeds and for vast growth.

So, I offered to help with social media marketing, content creation, and management. There is a small team working together on this. Yesterday, @sagescrub (the website owner) opened accounts on:

I know that getting these accounts going will be a considerable amount of consistent work by a team of dedicated people over the long haul. This is the only way to reach the majority of the people that would be interested in what @homesteaderscoop has to offer.

Using our NextCloud server.

I have to give a shout out to my NextCloud server. It certainly is a handy way to collaborate. In this case, we were able to share credentials and as we get going, this can be a great way to share files and communicate our efforts to market on the social media channels.


I think I should dedicate a solid 10-15 hours a week, so I will schedule that out and see if that works out.

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