Self Governing Tools for Farming Communities

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Let me start by saying, I’m not finding much. In this article, I’m trying to begin exploring how we build and run reputable, self-governing, sustainable, and complete Co-Ops. The way I want to define a Co-op for the purposes of this article is a group of people that encompass the entire spectrum of services. These […]

Homesteaders Co-op

Project Update: Homesteaders Co-op.

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homesteaders coop on steem

March 2, 2019 Homesteaders Co-op is a marketplace for homesteaders based on the Steem blockchain platform. For more information about the Co-op, check out their about page or their Steem page, @homesteaderscoop. This is a brand new project, but growing fast already. This is a project DiggnDeeper can proudly get behind and support. I hope […]